Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Community Hall or “Dewan Orang Ramai” in Tapah (Part 1)- Questions for MCA Assemblyman

It has been almost 2 months since I sworn in as Tapah town councilor and I have been generous in commenting on the past performance of MCA and BN town councilors--Tapah town council to be specific. There were obvious weaknesses, mismanagement, misuse of public funds and a string of inferior qualities that makes me ponder if the past BN councilors take their appointment seriously.

However, the Perak MCA Assemblyman for Cenderiang, Dr. Mah Hang Soon statement in today’s Star entitled “Perak government under fire” has provided me with a meat to chew on. In the article, Dr. Mah seemed to champion the rights of the people. He went on claiming that the hall committee had been taking good care of it. In addition, he lashed out that the action by the council to take back the administration had created problem.

I wonder if Dr Mah be bold enough to take on the Tapah district council or the state government if he knew the performances of the previous MCA councilors and the decisions they have made.

Perhaps, Dr. Mah has little understanding with the local government administration. Nevertheless, let me start my guiding Dr. Mah with the following questions:

1. Did he know who built the Kampung Baru Bukit Pagar Community Hall?
2. Did he know how much Tapah district council spent to build the Kampung Baru Bukit Pagar hall?
3. Did he know the additional expenses to renovate the hall? Did he know who paid for it?
4. Did he know if there is any rental agreement?
5. The hall committee is supposed to manage and pay rent to the Tapah district council. Did he know how much the hall committee pays to the Tapah district council on monthly basis? As a hint, it is less than RM20 per month!
6. Where are the proceedings from those rented the hall from the hall committee?
7. Did he know the rate per hour or per day?
8. Did he know if there is standard charge for the hall usage?
9. Did he know how much premium the Bukit Pagar Hall committee charges compare to Dewan Muhibbah in Bidor or Dewan Merdeka in Tapah which was managed directly by the Tapah district council?

I am more than willing to expose the past poor performances of the MCA or BN councilors if challenge. However, I would rather spend my energy to work on things that matters, ammend the wrongs and improve the weaknesses of the past.